(Archive Version) Seiyou Status : Current status of invasive alien bumblebee Bombus terrestris by participatory monitoring in Hokkaido, Japan

- Last updated: 2015-12-28


July 14, 2019

"Seiyou Status" (English version) has been stopped for a long time, but now recovered as an "archive version." The new URL is https://dias.ex.nii.ac.jp/seiyou/en/ . This site will not be updated anymore, so please use "New Seiyou Status" https://seiyou-busters.net/ (English version is not available on the new site).

April 1, 2011

"Seiyou Status" (English version) has moved. The new URL is http://www.seiyoubusters.com/seiyou/en/ . The old URL is still accessible, but please update your bookmark. Sorry for the inconvenience due to the reduction of electricity consumption after Tohoku Pacific Ocean Earthquake.

October 19, 2010

"Seiyou Status" (English version) is released.