(Archive Version) Seiyou Status : Current status of invasive alien bumblebee Bombus terrestris by participatory monitoring in Hokkaido, Japan

- Last updated: 2015-12-28

About the Website

The participation of citizen volunteers plays an important role in the control and monitoring of invasive alien species. With the help of many volunteers, the continuing and detailed monitoring of invasive species can be performed with wide spatial coverage. We can also respond timely by understanding the current status of invasive species.

This website focuses on Bombus terrestris as the model of invasive alien species, and aims at facilitating mutual communication between citizen volunteers and manager of the monitoring activity. In Hokkaido, Bombus terrestris is known to expand its habitation, which may give a serious impact on the symbiosis between native bumblebees and plants. We started the participatory capture program since 2006, which is a collaborative program with the Ministry of the Environment, and Hokkaido Prefecture Office. We believe that the real-time publication of information collected through the monitoring to citizens and governments is effective for efficient monitoring.

This website provides our latest answer to questions such as "how many and where were B. terrestris already captured?," "Where can we catch B. terrestris?," and "How many B. terrestris have been captured?" You can browse when, where, and how many B. terrestris were captured in such forms as lists, maps, and graphs.


'Seiyou Status' is maintained by the following memebers as part of Data Integration and Analysis System (DIAS) Project.

  • Hokkaido Biodiversity Conservation Activities Cooperated Support Center (HoBiCC) (HoBiCC Office; Hokkaido Environment Foundation)
    Yoshihisa AMPO, Masatoshi SHIBATA
    - Development and data management of the monitoring activity
    ※HoBiCC has taken over the role from Laboratory of Conservation Ecology, Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences, The University of Tokyo in 2014.
  • Kitamoto Laboratory, Digital Content and Media Sciences Research Division, National Institute of Informatics
    Asanobu KITAMOTO
    - Design, development and management of "Seiyou Status" website


The development of systems related to "Seiyou Status" was carried out with the help of the following companies and individiuals in addition to members above.


Many collaborators helps 'Seiyou Status.' Thank everyone for the support.

  • Volunteers
    - Capture, report, and memorial of B. terrestris
  • Masato OTANI
    - Illustration of Flowers and Bumblebees